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The Haunting of Ghost Bridge
Fiske Union, Louisiana

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/25/2011



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About Ghost Bridge

Ghost Bridge

Fiske Union, Louisiana near Oak Grove, Louisiana and Kilbourne, Louisiana:

Ghost Bridge is actually located in Fiske Union, Louisiana, but Oak Grove and Kilbourne are bigger nearby towns that are easier to find on maps.

How to Get to Ghost Bridge:

Ghost Bridge is located near Fiske Union. The bridge, however, is located on Kilbourne Highway, which is east of Kilbourne, Louisiana and northeast of Oak Grove, Louisiana.

From Kilbourne, take State Route 585 traveling east/southeast out of the city. Turn east (right) at Highway 835. Ghost Bridge is within a mile of the intersection of State Route 585 and Highway 835.

From Oak Grove, take Highway 17 going north to Highway 586. At Highway 586, turn east (left). Continue on Highway 586 until you reach State Route 585. Turn north (right) onto State Route 585. Continue going north for about 2 miles until your reach the intersection with Highway 835. Turn east (left) onto Highway 385. Ghost Bridge is within a mile of the intersection of State Route 585 and Highway 835.

One online resource indicated that years ago, there was a gravel road that provided easy access to the area underneath Ghost Bridge. The gravel road has been removed.

The Ghosts of Ghost Bridge:

People have described seeing floating lights of various kinds and different intensities over the years. Some people driving along Kilbourne Highway have described seeing a bright light, like that of an oncoming train several miles before the bridge. The light never materializes into anything and disappears when they reach the bridge. Other people have described seeing floating lights up in the trees near Ghost Bridge.

Disembodied voices are also regularly reported at Ghost Bridge. A male voice is perhaps reported most frequently, urging visitors to leave the area quickly. The disembodied sound of a woman screaming has also been reported in the area.

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