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The Haunting of Garden Of The Gods
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, Colorado Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, Colorado Garden of the Gods | Colorado Springs, Colorado

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About Garden of the Gods


Located along Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs.

The History:

Perkins purchased 240 acres in the Garden of the Gods area to build a summer home in 1879. He never built a house on the land, but he did purchase more of the land in that area. It was open to the public for a number of years before Perkins died in 1907. In 1909, his children dedicated the Garden of the Gods to the city of Colorado Springs. Perkins had specified before his death that he wanted the Garden of the Gods to remain free to the public (Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association, n.d.).

Garden of the Gods was named by 2 surveyors who had set out from Denver to begin a townsite (Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association, n.d.).

The Haunting:

According to Shadowlands Haunted Places Index, people have reported feeling the presence of someone in the car with them when they are sitting in the parking lot. Also, people have reported that cars will die unexplainably and their brakes will go out along the road and that these events can be attributed to paranormal activity at the Garden of the Gods.

One of our staff members at Omahaunt lived at Spring Canyon Apartments, which is within jogging distance from Garden of the Gods. She reported that though she had gone jogging there frequently, she never once had a paranormal experience at Garden of the Gods.

Blue orbs have been reported by other people who have investigated the park.

The Shadowlands Index report says that there is an Indian Burial ground at Garden of the Gods, but we have not been able to support this report through research.


The Cliff Dwellings are located nearby and certainly Native Americans did use the area in and around the Garden of the Gods.


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Garden of The Gods Drive Through 2/6/9


alberto Posted: 03/29/2009
holy crrrrrrrrrrrap
alberto Posted: 03/29/2009
holy crrrrrrrrrrrap
pepsi** Posted: 05/25/2010
well garden of the gods is an indian barrial ground and i suggest to everyone dont mess around with an indian barrial ground because you'll be haunted by evil spirits... its not wise..
van helseng Posted: 03/13/2011
i always felt like being watched when i drive through there in the dark

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