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The Haunting of Forney Transportation Museum
Englewood, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Forney Transportation Museum | Englewood, Colorado Forney Transportation Museum | Englewood, Colorado

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About Forney Transportation Museum


Located at 4303 Brighton Blvd. in Englewood, CO.


The Forney Transportation Museum depicts the historical development of transportation by offering over 500 educational exhibits to the public. All sorts of different types of transportation are depicted at this museum including old cars, trains, and more.

We are currently researching the history of this location to learn more about it.


Glowing eyes have been reported along with a strong feeling of wanting to leave the location.


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The Forney Museum


Rosamarillo Posted: 05/01/2011
My son and I visited this museum in the summer of 2009..(he was 10 at the time) As we were walking around my son became sick to his stomach.. He sat down on one of the white plastic chairs in front of the 'Big Boy' locomotive. He heard a commotion from the locomotive as I walked around.. A little while later he walked up to me with a spooked look on his face. He said he threw up in a wastebasket, and told me he saw something.. He took me back to the locomotive and told me he heard a commotion, walked up to the interior iron partion and said 2 people were sitting in the chairs. It's been 2 years, but he said the man on the left said a name ( I forget ) 'how we doing _____?' man on right said, 'we are making record time ______!' then loud commotion, man on left slumped over as if dead, man on right was pulling on his leg as if it was stuck... We went down to the book next to it that had pictures and story of the 'Big Boy' (My son had not read it, he was too ill to get up) I started to read about how it was the only Big Boy that had been in an accident, it was tripped onto a siding, hit something and fell over.. The engineer had been killed ( name matched) fireman had his leg pinned for 10 hours ( name did not match) hair stood up on my neck.. We left and I was reluctant to bring it up, but did to woman at desk.. She said they had so many reports, they had a file, she turned and could not find it in file cabinet ... She told me that she always had a feeling she was being watched in area of Big Boy when she opened up... We left and my son was no longer sick at all!!!!! When we returned home, I looked it up on the Internet and discovered the second name was not the one on display, it was the one my son HEARD,, ( I think it was Jim ) ... I later found out that sometimes when there is paranormal activity that children get sick to their stomachs for some reason... Next visit to Colorado, we plan on going back!!
Rosamarillo Posted: 05/01/2011
Awesome videos and photos !!

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