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The Haunting of Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive
Marysville, Washington

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/25/2011



Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive | Marysville, Washington

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About Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive

Marysville, Washington

Stanwood Fire Trail Road | Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive Information:

Part of the Stanwood Fire Trail Road in Marysville, Washington is on the Tulalip Indian Reservation. According to one source, Fire Trail Road was built to allow access to fire trucks so that they could fight fires in the wooded areas. Fire Trail Road/Marysville-Pilchuk Road/Marine View Drive begins with a large hill and continues until it intersects with 56th Avenue. Some reports say that the road continues until it ends at 4th Street in Marysville. The road has been referred to as Fire Trail Road, Marysville-Pilchuck Road and Marine View Drive in various reports.

One resource said that the part of Marine View Drive that has developed a reputation for being haunted can be found by following the 116th Street Exit just north of Marysville. Then, take a right at Donna's Truck Stop and follow the road that is just beside the freeway heading North. When you reach the light, take a left and follow this road (Marine View Drive aka Fire Trail Road).

Some reports indicate that the name of the road may be Marine Drive and that Marine View Drive is a different road entirely, located in Everett, Washington. A little exploration using the above information would probably reveal the correct name of the road and its location.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Stanwood Fire Trail Road |Marysville-Pilchuk Road | Marine View Drive in Marysville, Washington:

Locals report seeing apparitions along the road at various locations. In particular they report seeing the apparitions of Native Americans.

Some have reported “Stick Indians” or little men made of sticks with glowing red eyes.

Also of interest is the Fire Trail Ghost. The Fire Trail Ghost is a protective entity, according to reports. Local lore claims that the Fire Trail Ghost is the spirit of a man who was driving too fast along the graveled portion of Fire Trail Road. His car went off the road into one of the swamps nearby, wherein he drowned. Some people claim that this incident occurred at Cummings Lake aka Dead Man's Pond.

The Fire Trail Walker is considered a separate and different spiritual energy from the Fire Trail Ghost . This apparition is seen simply walking alongside the road from time to time.

Ghost lights have been reported to appear at the crest of a certain hill along the road. They appear as a glowing ball of light that disappears after floating above the ground for 20-30 seconds. The ghost lights are attributed to either the death of a Tulalip Indian Chief in the vicinity, who now uses an ethereal lantern to search for his murderers or the Fire Trail Ghost who roams about trying to warn drivers of the dangers of the road.

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godessocean Posted: 04/10/2011
I think that the Little White Church has some paranormal activity going on. It has a graveyard surrounding the actual church itself. I had brought my kids and my neice up there in the summer time and my daughter told me she saw someone or a male staring out from the bell tower. That was actually during the day. It is alot spookier in the night.
TeenyWeeny Posted: 08/09/2011
I grew up on fire trail, down the road with the little white church. I was always told that the %u201CStick Indians%u201D or little men made of sticks where called The Pineapple People, because there heads look like pineapples!

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