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The Haunting of Everett Covered Bridge
Everett, Ohio

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 05/12/2011



Everett Covered Bridge | Everett, Ohio

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About Everett Covered Bridge

Originally nicknamed "Centennial Bridge" according to a Peninsula historian, this covered bridge was first constructed over Furnace Run in 1876. It was destroyed during the flood of 1913 and was severely damaged by a truck in 1970. After it was swept away in a 1975 flood, the bridge was reconstructed at the site where it remains to this day.

In February 1877, John Gilson and his wife were returning home along what is now Wheatley Road when their sleigh slipped into the flood-swollen waters of Furnace Run. His wife was rescued by a nearby teenager, but Gilson's body was not found for four days. According to legend, you can hear Gilson crossing the bridge in a wagon on certain nights, trying to make his way home to Oak Hill. An abandoned cemetery sits a short distance from the bridge, and many headstones were tossed into the creek. This might also account for some of the supernatural activity at the bridge.


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