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The Haunting of Emily's Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge
Stowe, Vermont

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/09/2011



Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont
Emily's Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge- a strange anomaly captured by students at Norwich University visiting Emily's Bridge.
Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont Emilys Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge | Stowe, Vermont

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About Emily's Bridge | Gold Brook Bridge

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is located in Lamoille County in north central Vermont. The population of Stowe is about 4,500 residents.

The Gold Brook Bridge | Emily's Bridge Information:

The Gold Brook Bridge was built by John W. Smith in 1844. It carries Covered Bridge Road over Gold Brook in Stowe Hollow.

Locals claim that a young woman fell in love with a man and the two decided to elope. She had been raised in an abusive family and she yearned to get away from her parents. Her lover told her to meet him at the nearby covered bridge. So she went to the bridge and waited there patiently. But he didn't come. When he didn't show up, the woman unraveled the rope tying up her belongings and decided to use it to hang herself rather than return to her parents. Her lover showed up the next morning and found her lifeless body hanging from the bridge. In fear, he buried her nearby. This is why the Gold Brook Bridge (also known as Emily's Bridge) is considered haunted.

Emily's Bridge is located 1.8 miles south of junction VT108 on VT100, then 1.3 miles left on Gold Brook Road and just left on Covered Bridge Road.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Emily's Bridge in Stowe, Vermont:

Visitors to Emily's Bridge report hearing a disembodied voice that says, “help” and the ghostly sounds of sobbing. Some people report that spirits will scratch your car as you drive over the bridge. Some say that the angry spirit will scratch people when they walk over the bridge. People have also reported seeing a white apparition walking on Emily's Bridge.

White apparitions of women (we call them “White Ladies) are reported throughout the United States in various locations. One thing they all have in common though, is that they are all searching for a lost love or a lost child.

People have taken photos at Emily's Bridge, which tend to reveal orbs. People have reported foggy mists and various dismebodied sounds at the bridge.

Other Related Haunts:

Another bridge where a White Lady apparition regularly makes an appearance is the Arcola Trail Bridge in Minnesota. In Ohio, there is another haunted covered bridge called the Everett Covered Bridge that is haunted by a man who was killed in a sleigh ride.


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