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The Haunting of Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge
Irondale, Alabama

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/29/2013



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About Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Cry Baby Bridge

How to Get to Cry Baby Bridge in Irondale, Alabama:

Cry Baby Bridge is located north of Irondale in heavily wooded area.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge in Irondale, Alabama:

The Irondale, Alabama Cry Baby Bridge is located on private property. It is closed off with a chain and too rickety to safely support a car. Keep this in mind when visiting this location. Get permission to visit before you go. And don’t drive onto the bridge. The owner of the property doesn’t take kindly to unannounced visitors. In Alabama, people get shot for trespassing.

According to local lore, an old woman who lived in a heavily wooded area near Irondale had many children. When twilight came, she heard the sound of screaming from within the woods. At this time, she realized that her youngest child was missing. The child had been dragged away by wild dogs. Though the old woman searched, she didn’t find the child in time to save the child’s life. She found the child’s lifeless body and then carried it to the bridge. She then jumped to her death off the edge of the bridge.

The Ghosts of Cry Baby Bridge in Irondale, Alabama:

Visitors report that if you park on the bridge and leave an unwrapped candy bar on the bumper of your car and walk away, you’ll hear the disembodied sounds of a child crying. When you return to the candy bar, it will have a bite taken out of it.

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