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The Haunting of Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge
Mabelton, Georgia

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/31/2013



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About Cry Baby Bridge | Crybaby Bridge

Mabelton, Georgia:

Mabelton is located in Cobb County, Georgia in the northwestern part of the state. It is the largest unincorporated community in Metro Atlanta with a population of 37,115 residents.

How to Get to Cry Baby Bridge:

According to some sources, the Cry Baby Bridge in Mabelton is located on Cochran Road near Witch’s Grave.  Other sources say it is on Concord Road.  Apparently, it is on a one-lane road so drive cautiously.

Interesting Facts about Cry Baby Bridge in Mabelton, Georgia:

The Cry Baby Bridge at Mabelton is often confused with Cry Baby Bridge near Columbus. Both of these locations have similar lore attached to them.

Ghosts at Cry Baby Bridge in Mabelton, Georgia:

People have reported hearing the disembodied sound of a baby crying as well as ectoplasmic mists and other strange visual phenomena.

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