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The Haunting of Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard
Grant, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard | Grant, Nebraska
Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard in Grant, Nebraska
Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard | Grant, Nebraska Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard | Grant, Nebraska Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard | Grant, Nebraska Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard | Grant, Nebraska

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About Cornstalk Harvest Festival - Haunted Barnyard

Cornstalk Farms is located east off of Highway 61 between Grant and Ogallala, Nebraska. There are a number of old buildings at the farm, some of which were moved from another location about 30 years ago.

The History:

The Old Barn was purchased by it's current owner in 1968. Prior to that time it was owned by Inger Shartir. It was once a dairy barn. During renovations, strange drawings were discovered on the walls. Along the pathway leading into the barn, there was once a line of buildings that were used as hog sheds. These hog sheds made a line that stretched from the barn out toward the Haunted Forest at Cornstalk Farms. These hog sheds have been torn down or removed, however the current entrance walkways to both the Haunted Barnyard and the Haunted Forest now follow the approximate path where these hogs sheds once were situated.

In the mid-1980's the current owner allowed his kids to use the barn loft as a "play house". One of the kids, while playing, took a running jump out of the barn loft, apparently frightened because her brother thought he had seen a rat. There were no rats in the loft. She suffered only minor injuries, but it was never clear why exactly she jumped from the loft.

The barn was used for lumber and equipment storage until 2003. Rarely did the current owner go into the barn in the 20 years prior to 2003.

The Haunting:

The Old Barn is now used as part of a commercial haunt. It functions as the “Haunted Barnyard” during the Halloween season each year.

Scare actors have reported a number of incidents in the Old Barn. There is, according to reports, a male entity that moves objects in the barn. Children will often refuse to go into the barn from any direction. Scare actors have been known to linger outside the barn instead of staying in the barn because they become paranoid that there is someone else in the barn with them, watching them. Two staff members reported being "pushed back" from exiting off the newly constructed staircase.

One of the staff reported having a headlamp pushed off his head while he was working on a ladder, with his head poking into the loft. When the barn was being prepared for it's first year as a haunt, the owner reported feeling "trapped" in the lower rooms, even though there are several doors out of each room that lead directly to the outside.

Speaker wires have been severed unexplainably in the basement room. There are reports of a number of electrical glitches that occur for no explainable reason in the barn with the sound and lighting effects.

At our pre-investigation, the lower level of the barn seemed very quiet. Indeed, it remained quiet even into the loft, until the very last moment, when the video camera and flashlight was shone into the only dark corner we had failed to look in. At the moment that the video camera was pointed toward this corner, we heard footsteps coming toward us and there was a menacing feeling that made us want to leave FAST. Unfortunately, we did not capture any footage of paranomral activity to back up this personal experience.

EVP's taken outside the barn revealed a voice that seemed to say, "God, please help me."


Remodeling has seemed to exacerbate the haunting issues in the barn. Although barns are not, as far as I know, traditionally prime sites for hauntings or the paranormal, there is compelling evidence off of numerous reports of personal experiences in the Cornstalk barn, as well as photos and EVP's to consider the barn to be haunted.

We have no knowledge of anyone dying or being killed in or near the barn. And we have only limited knowledge regarding the history of the barn. Recently a previous landowner did pass away, but whether he used the barn regularly or not is in question and either way, the hauntings began prior to this man's death. Traditionally, there is about a 4 year gap between the death of a person and their subsequent reported haunting of a location.


Investigative iterviews with the owners and staff



Brad Posted: 07/06/2008
This place is REALLY scary. Jack knocked the hat off of my head!!!!
Jen Posted: 07/13/2008
Lots of people on staff will go down the stairs from the loft and push against the black plastic and it's like there's someone standing there...up against the black plastic. But then, if they wait for a minute and try again, there's nothing there.

Little kids also cry a lot before they go into the barn and girls get really scared too and refuse to go in. Lots of people turn back before they go into the barn. It's weird.
Nancy Posted: 07/13/2008
I heard that there were some drawings in there on that wall that someone foudn when they ws building the place for the haunt or soemthing.
Posted: 09/14/2008
sounds like some one don't want it to be there as a hunt
Wynn Posted: 10/09/2008
In the years that I have been there only a couple things have happend in the barn. I have been pushed back, and then there was the infamous "James Incident". It's in the Haunted Forest that stuff happens to me and a lot of other scare actors. We see black figures and hear talking and laughing that seems to come from nowhere. That's where I want to investigate.
Bert Posted: 10/20/2008
You can feel a heavy presence as you walk through the barn. Its a mixture of depression and anger. When we investigate agin I have a few things I want to try. Some spirits are attracted to music, so Im going to bring my penny whistle. And use my voice to see if anything happens. Or it could enoy. So I guess we wont know untill I/we try. :)
superGhost Posted: 12/04/2009
This place is creepy... all year long.
Ghost Hunter Posted: 12/05/2009
I hate that place! I can't even walk into it alone!
deathtoall Posted: 01/31/2011
I've heard that this place is haunted year round!
GhostWithTheMost Posted: 02/10/2011
testing 123
darklight Posted: 02/10/2011
One time, I actually ran out of the barn. I was terrified!
deathtoall Posted: 02/16/2011
deathtoall Posted: 02/16/2011
another test, trying to break it
deathtoall Posted: 02/16/2011
one more back to back
HappyGhost Posted: 08/18/2012
I've been there.

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