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The Haunting of Conrad Hall
Kearney, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Conrad Hall | Kearney, Nebraska

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About Conrad Hall

The History:

Conrad Hall is a residence at the University of Nebraska in Kearney. Conrad Hall was built in the 1950's. It used to house the KSC chapter of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority.

The Haunting:

Visitors and employees have reported seeing visions and apparitions throughout the building sitting at desks or on beds. Students have described awakening and not being able to move or to scream. Students report waking in the morning to find that their chairs have been moved across the room, often positioned in front of mirrors. In restrooms, water faucets will turn on and off. Lights will sometimes be turned on in vacant rooms that have been locked.

The ghost, apparently named Stella (after one of the Alpha Omega Pi founding sisters) supposedly haunts the west end of the third floor rooms, particularly room 318.


Often residence halls at universities/colleges are reported to be haunted. This may be because a number of life-changing events happen to students who are housed in these structures. Life-changing events involve strong emotional reactions, which may be "recorded" in the structure itself, or may act as a "magnet" perhaps to entities or energies...


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hugh v Posted: 09/07/2008
damn, i live in conrad hall and this is gonna mess me up
James P Posted: 09/08/2008
ya i hear ya hugh we gonna be fucked by this ghost stell
sandy Posted: 10/01/2008
good luck with that, thats freaky!!!
sandy Posted: 10/01/2008
good luck with that, thats freaky!!!
angie Posted: 10/09/2008
I lived in rm 318 in 1988. It is definitely haunted. So were 2 other rooms. We saw the grey blue 'ghost' several times and so did the hall parents 20 years before we were there. It was really creepy. Drawers would open and then slam shut. The wood built-in ones below the mirrors... never mean. Just scary....
angie Posted: 10/09/2008
Hugh V, go look up the old antelope articles..don't remember the year but roughly 20-25 years prior to '88. Tells about the 'ghost', desks moving, lights coming on and gives the name of the house parents at the time. The same things started happening and President Nestor's son found the article and brought it over to his girlfriend...she was in the sorority on 2nd & 3rd floor. It was weird to learn it had been going on years ago and then started again. UNK didn't want any of us to talk about it to 'official' people. I wish we would have. If you find anything more, post it here and I'll give you my real email address. It still has me curious all these years later.
Kaylie Posted: 10/23/2008
Angie, I am writing an article for the Antelope newspaper on haunted buildings on campus I was wondering If I could have your email address and emaill you about getting some info about the ghost. The article goes in on Sunday so if you can help it would need to be before then. Thanks
Brock P Posted: 10/30/2008
I live in 218 and im gonna fuck stella like in scary movie!
katie Posted: 03/29/2009
I used to live in 318. It was spooky!
kristina Posted: 06/16/2009
I lived in room 318 back in the fall of 2003. I saw stella one night before I had ever heard about him. It was the first time that I can say that I now believe in ghosts. He did not hurt me, but he walked around my room looking at the pictures I had up.
Nick Posted: 06/20/2009
when did the hauntings start??
Jon Posted: 08/10/2009
You think the only hall is Conrad? I am attending unk right now and mens hall just got rentevated and some of the construction workers had to leave the site because they felt like being pushed wispered too. If u dare come to Kearney look up the last name kuecker and I will show u the places that will scare u to death
friend of someone Posted: 09/09/2009
i was over at my friends dorm in room 311 until 2 at night... my friend was walkin me out of the building..and we looked to the left at the end of the hall in front of room 318 and see a girl sitting in the fetal position under the window.... it just creeped me out....
Posted: 09/26/2009
I go to UNK and today me and my boyfriend came across this and decided to walk by room 318. It was FREAKY! then right as we got to the 3rd floor there was a loud BOOM!... then we both just got this creepy feeling and left.
A.C.E Posted: 10/28/2009
well i had taken a nap btwn one of my classes and i woke up facing the wall and was frozen...i was freaking out cuz i couldnt scream and something was moving towards me under the covers..i almost cried... unfortunately that wasnt the only experience i had..a couple weeks later i woke up at 5 am to someone knocking on my door but no one was there, then my mirror started to rattle like someone was trying to take it off the door, i was again really freaked out and im going to move!!!!...i think it might get worse if i stay :/
A.M Posted: 10/28/2009
Things have been getting worse in Conrad Hall because strange things have been happening. Well something that happened to me was I was getting ready in my room on first floor when I heard a noise next to me and I turned to see that my mirror was levitating and then got thrown against my bed post....and fell on the ground and shattered! If anyone wants to live here think about twice because something eventually will happen to you!! Also this place needs to get cleansed again cause the warranty on the last one is OVEr!!!
Esmeralda B Posted: 11/18/2009
Hughie?! is that you under me?! lol! Well anyways i lived in Room 315 last semster n its so creepy.. Stuff does happen and i cant explain it..
Carl Posted: 12/02/2009
A good friend of mine was an RA at Conrad ten years ago and she won't talk about it. It's real and her experiences were not good. One particular resident that lived there while she was an RA never slept w/ the lights off due to the PTSD that came w/ Conrad. I attended UNK in the early 90s and Stella was a common discussion. We went to the third floor when classes were not in session one summer and there is truly something there. I would like to hear about the Men's Hall stories.
Carl Posted: 12/02/2009
Also, the business school used to be housed in the old TB hospital and there is an underground tunnel that used to go to the old foundary. I am sure there would be a lot of activity at the old TB hospital.
Beastgurl Posted: 12/07/2009
I'm currently a student at UNK and I lived down the hall from 318. I was in 308. I never really came across anything to freaky but there was some stuff that had no explination. One night my roommate was gone, I had a hard time sleepy cause I just had this uncomfortable feeling. Her lap top faced me from across the room and all at once it turned on, tons of windows began to pop up, music started playing, and making wierd noises. It lasted about 20 seconds and all at once it stopped and the computer shut off... yeah... I went and slept in my friends room after that...
Masterchi3f Posted: 12/14/2009
I was there like a week ago and nothing hapenned...We couldnt get the room door to open and we met a bunch of mexicans that had crazy shit happen to them...f that goust.
EFFiNSCuRRED308 Posted: 03/20/2010
i actually live in conrad!! & some of the creepiest shit happens there!! no effin lie. the scarier part is that i live \"alone\". and i dont think stella died in room 318. for some reason i think she died in the bathroom.
GhostBuster Posted: 11/29/2012
Someone to talk to would be Roger Mathiesen. He is a retired history teacher from Kearney High School but when he was younger, he was the Resident Director for Conrad Hall at one time. The story about Stella is that she plunged to her death from the 3rd West window after jumping.
cowgirlup Posted: 03/06/2015
I lived in Conrad hall 1985-86...craziest experience ever! We were told her name was jenny...she jumped out of the window of room 318 to her death. I experienced a great deal with her.

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