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The Haunting of Chesapeake Community Center
Chesapeake, Ohio

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 09/14/2013



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About Chesapeake Community Center

I have been investigating allegedly haunted houses for several years, and have done quite a few.
One of the more active areas around here is the Chesapeake Community Center in Chesapeake, Ohio.
I have never encountered Ruth Ann, the little girl who is said to haunt the premises, but I have encountered something in the lower levels.
On my first trip there, in the basement and in one of the locker rooms, a ghost box called out my name.  While I use one, I also realize they can be rather random.  On this night, two investigators standing several feet away, encountered full spikes on the emf detectors that lot up the room.
On several occasions, I have held q&a sessions with K2 meters.  They are mostly quiet, but when we ask it to light up the K2 meter fully if it wants us to leave, it does just that.





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