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The Haunting of Chapel Hills Mall
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Chapel Hills Mall | Colorado Springs, Colorado

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About Chapel Hills Mall

Chapel Hills Mall
1710 Briargate Blvd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920


Chapel Hills Mall is located off I-25 at exit 150 in Colorado Springs.


According to one report, a manager who died during his work at Chapel Hills Mall is blamed for paranormal activities said to occur there. However, this information has not been historically verified.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

Objects are moved without explanation, particularly in the Garden Shop at Chapel Hills Mall. People have reported that displays are unexplainably knocked over. Also, disembodied voices have been reported at this location. A number of personal experiences have also been described including feelings of being watched and “cold spots”.


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Ashley Posted: 06/03/2009
I worked at that mall a few times and when I was at the store by myself I can vaguely recall a cabinet or drawer opening or closing. (It's been a few years since I've worked there so I can't remember exactly what happened.) There was another time that I heard a voice with no one around, the television shut off unexpectedly. I put it off as it just being in my head. This really explains the uneasiness that I felt while working there.
pepsi** Posted: 05/25/2010
chapel hills mall is for sure haunted, my brother and my friend emit investigate that place after everyone is gone we captured voices and heard knocking... and when my mom was working there at the mcdonalds, she witnessed a piece of cheese get thrown no joke.... one night, the security guards were chasing supposedly three kids threw the sears hallway and they were locked out... we start investigating around 9 and leave around 12 or 1 its crazy and scary at night....
pepsi** Posted: 05/25/2010
and the house keeping lady i no up there also witnessed seeing a mysterious lady in pink when she was working at 4 in the morning. and my moms boyfriend, witnessed hearing children laughter coming from one of the hallways. and we've also caught some pretty crazy stuff also... so... yes
superGhost Posted: 05/26/2010
Heather... do you have any photos? If so, put them online for us to see, we'd love to see them!
pepsi** Posted: 05/26/2010
i dont have photos but i have actual voice recordings. but i dont know how to put them on... i'd love to show the voice i caugt we think it says "come back here and talk to me"
pepsi** Posted: 05/26/2010
im trying to go back there and get video evidence....but i'll try and see if i can put the voice we caught on here or if i could put it on some where else i will let u know...
superGhost Posted: 05/30/2010
Heather... Omahaunt is going to have video and audio uploads soon... I'll let you know as soon as that happens!
pepsi** Posted: 05/30/2010
ok... thank you
pepsi** Posted: 06/02/2010
also in burlington hallway upstairs you get this light headness feeling.
pepsi** Posted: 06/02/2010
and when i tried video taping, what ever energy killed my batterie and it was fully charged :)
Craig Posted: 07/13/2010
As a 45 year resident of C. Springs, I was never aware of these paranormal experiences. I had heard of something going on in the City Auditorium. Apparently a maintenence man who had an appartment there long ago was murdered. Back in the day apparently the building was used for illegal gambling. I only todat stubled onto this web site, and learned of the activity on Woodpecker Hill. Craig
heystarshine Posted: 05/24/2011
I've lived in this area most of my life and I've never experienced any paranormal activity at Chapel Hills. The garden center at the old K Mart was a little creepy, but you can attribute that to being mostly deserted (because really, who wants to buy plants at the mall?) with really poor lighting. However, they do hold motorcycle courses in the overflow parking lot at that mall. Several years ago when my brother was working at the mall, a young lady died when she hit the acceleration instead of the brake and her oversized helmet flew off. It was pretty big news at the time, but I can't find citation for it now. I'm sure something like that isn't too good for PR though...

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