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The Haunting of Central High School
omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Central High School | omaha, Nebraska
Front of Central High School at night.
Central High School | omaha, Nebraska Central High School | omaha, Nebraska Central High School | omaha, Nebraska Central High School | omaha, Nebraska

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About Central High School

Located at 124 N. 20th St. in Omaha, NE.

The History:

This school was started in 1859.

The Haunting:

Cold spots have been noted while walking on the main floor between the deans office when school is not in session. Disembodied voices that are supposed to say something different depending upon the number of people in your group (Either, "I know you're here"...or "I know you're ALL here...."). Reports of a "white blur" that flies past people and heads to the deans office. A shadowy figure is said to, "wave at you" through the window. It is said that this is possibly, "a former dean or janitor" and that the ghost "sounds like a janitor because you might hear broom sweeps in the hallway". Speculation that the "ghost" is a dean comes from the waving-shadow-person-through-the-window paradigm.

Strange sounds of wheels moving on wooden floors as well as creaking have also been reported.


Here is another example of a report involving a school haunting. Indeed, school hauntings are common and they typically cite the involvement of a janitor as an important character in the paranormal activity.


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c.J. Posted: 10/22/2008
yea right!!!!!!!
boo boo keys Posted: 10/22/2008
suck ass
Aaron( Spirit Walker Ryuu) Posted: 10/22/2008
this is yet another place I plan to investigate. its in omaha and I think u can volonteer there if u like. I may volonteer for a brief amount of time to check out this haunting and see if its real or not. if anyone has any info on the place reguarding their experiences here or other haunted places in omaha just email me.
joshua Posted: 10/30/2008
Central Grad Posted: 12/14/2008
Central High School is one of those places that leaves an inprint on your soul, just as I'm sure souls also leave their imprint walking down the Central halls. You can just feel it!
william Posted: 01/22/2009
i went to central for a while ind never seen anything or any one and i have skipped alot of class to but im not saying that its not true i have never came acrossed any thng yet
KD Posted: 01/29/2009
I go to Central, and have experienced tons of paranormal activity... just not at my school. I know the janitors have though, I've heard them talking about it.
Selena Posted: 02/25/2009 doing a report on central being huanted and i attend central. Iv interviewed the Head Custodian and she and a few other janitors all report that this "ghost" huants the third floor. And his name is "Big Will" I was told he didnt die there. Im going to do an amature investigation, wish me luck!
alejandro Posted: 03/06/2009
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cheyanne Posted: 03/26/2009
o no my friend kitty goes there.!! dont die kitty ily.!
omar Posted: 04/15/2009
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Bri-CHS Twirler Posted: 05/03/2009
I am a jr at central and my freinds and i went exploring around the school one saturday and we got random chills. We were down in the basement on the 2 side and we got a chill and it fel like something was going right through you.I have no doubt that the school is haunted. We are going on a "Gohst Hunt" this july to see if we can find anything.
Brownee Posted: 05/04/2009
central is not haunted that is some bull crap...central is awesome!!
Posted: 05/22/2009
this is my school and i have never witnessed any hauntings here, but that doesnt mean anything i am only here during the day. The school is very old and with the wood floors it does creek alot as expected.
sophomore at CHS Posted: 05/22/2009
billions of kids have walked the halls have lived thier live at central. its no doubt that it is haunted because is changed so many children some good and some bad either way walking down the halls with no one around you know you are certanly not alone.
stemtaz Posted: 07/08/2009
i have walked through doors on the 3rd floor of central and then the door starts to close on me. happens alot after school when no one is really around but i have almost gotten hit those doors would hurt.
CHS Bassoon 2 Posted: 08/10/2009
I am currently a senior at CHS and, no, I have no real proof of the fact that it's haunted. But I have had the creepy feelings everywhere in that school. I have seen lights go off without there being a switch pulled, doors that stay open by way of magnets close when the power goes out. It's flat out creepy, but I love it! It's really creepy after a concert for band or something and you are walking the school.
Posted: 09/25/2009
I am a class of 98 graduate and I remember a civil war era soldier in the attic/ art supply room on the fourth floor. I was getting some supplies for the class and when I went into the supply room, I saw a man in a Union officer's uniform and he smiled and then vanished immediately. If I am not mistaken, there are tunnels that lead from the basement of that school in the rifle range and the lead into the Old Market. They were used during the Civil War for the underground railroad when the building site was a territorial capital.
Eagles27 Posted: 10/31/2009
I went to Central. I discovered a few of the tunnels. Lots of weird stuff late at night... Was there for drama activities. Love that school, though.
Kat Posted: 10/31/2009
Eagles27, when did you graduate from Central? I'm curious to know when you saw the tunnels, because my grandmother and great grandmother went to that school and I'm curious.. I was supposed to go there but at the last minute moved away.
Anon. Posted: 11/15/2009
Did I mention i'm a homofreak?
bre.. Posted: 11/27/2009
this could b true because ppl i kno have been there after 8 and said the saw ghost also this grl saw one on the courtyard reading lmao i wanna see to

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