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The Haunting of Cabana Club Condominiums
Birch Bay, Washington

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/25/2011



Cabana Club Condominiums | Birch Bay, Washington
Photo by Cabana Club Condominiums
Cabana Club Condominiums | Birch Bay, Washington Cabana Club Condominiums | Birch Bay, Washington Cabana Club Condominiums | Birch Bay, Washington

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About Cabana Club Condominiums


Birch Bay, Washington is located in Whatcom County in the far northwestern corner of Washington state. It is a census-designated place and it is often referred to as a community, but is not actually a town. Birch Bay is situated between Semiahmoo Bay and Lummi Bay.

The Cabana Club Condominiums is located on a crescent bay approximately 2 hours north of Seattle and 10 miles south of the United States/Canada border between Bellingham, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.


There are 20 units at the Cabana Club. Thirteen of these units are timeshare and six of them are fully owned.

Named for its varied species of birch trees, by a fellow named Archibald Menzies who anchored in Birch Bay for several days during the Vancouver Expedition.

Paranormal Reports:

Objects move without explanation. Disembodied and strange sounds have been reported at this location.


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