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The Haunting of Brother Sebastion's
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Brother Sebastions | Omaha, Nebraska Brother Sebastions | Omaha, Nebraska Brother Sebastions | Omaha, Nebraska

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About Brother Sebastion's

The History:

Brother Sebastian's is a restaurant located in a strip mall in Omaha, Nebraska.

A man named “Bill Wolcott” was a regular who dined every evening at Brother Sebastian's. He was an older gentleman who dressed in a formal smoking jacket complete with an ascot tie.

Wolcott had cancer, but he was a loyal regular at Brother Sebastian's and he continued to dine at the restaurant, even when he became hospitalized and could no longer swallow solid foods. The kitchen then pureed his food for him. He was oddly dedicated to visiting and eating at Brother Sebastian's.

In 1996, there was a fire in the building.

The Haunting:

Wolcott has reportedly continued to visit Brother Sebastian's every evening. The last report of a ghost sighting apparently happened on the night of the grand re-opening of the restaurant. Apparently people have felt someone “staring” at them. Witnesses have also observed a door opening and closing on it's own.

On more than one occasion employees have reported that a candle that was put out the night before is lit the next morning when the restaurant is opened.


Gregorian Chanting is played in the parking area in front of Brother Sebastians. There are no windows in the building either.


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Soul Brotha Sebastian Posted: 10/14/2008
I once saw this mystery man in the bathroom whilst taking a huge dump. It was very weird. He just stood there and watched me do my business.

AbbyCat Posted: 08/26/2009
I live near it I would love to check it out! I am I ghost loving freak :3

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