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The Haunting of Bonanza Inn
Virginia City, Montana

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



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About Bonanza Inn

Virginia City, Montana is a lovely old Victorian town only 90 miles west of Yellowstone National Park. It was home to people who were seeking gold, but when the gold ran out, people had just enough money to stick around but not enough money to renovate the old homes. Thus, they have been preserved, creating an eerie location that has been frozen in time.

The Bonanza Inn in Virginia City was once a hospital, a convent, and a courthouse  which makes it a prime spot for spirits and ghosts to linger. Virginia City itself is known for its history of murders and hangings as well as suicides.

The ghosts at the Bonanza Inn are said to communicate in different ways with guests who have reported being pinched, touched, patted on the head, or poked while staying in the rooms there. The ghost of Mother Irene, one of the sisters who lived in the building is one common spectral visitor at the hotel. Other ghosts that have been reported include that of a cowboy as well as two young children.

Ghost tours of Virginia City allow the guests at the hotel to get a broader view of the hauntings taking place in the city outside of the inn.

If you're wanting to visit several haunted hotels on a trip through Montana, consider stopping at the Belton Chalet in West Glacier, especially if you're planning on visiting Glacier National Park anyway. Combining a visit to a haunted hotel with the scenic wonders of Glacier National Park would be a balanced adventure.

There are other authentically preserved towns in the United States as well that would be worth visiting or learning about. For example, Brownsville, Nebraska is famous for it's pristine buildings. The Captain Bailey House is a good haunt to visit if you happen to be in Brownsville, which is a little bit of a trek down the road from Omaha, Nebraska.





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