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The Haunting of Bird Bridge
Emporia, Kansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 10/04/2010



Bird Bridge | Emporia, Kansas

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About Bird Bridge


Emporia is located northeast of Wichita, Kansas. Emporia is at the junction of I-335 and I-35 in the eastern part of Kansas.

Bird Bridge is located about 5 miles southeast of Emporia, Kansas.


Rocky Ford Bridge is known to locals as Bird Bridge because of an incident that took place in 1983.

Thomas P. Bird was the pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Emporia, Kansas. Thomas P. Bird’s wife, Sandra, was found floating face up near her car which was overturned, having plummeted off the Rocky Ford Bridge in July of 1983. In November 1983 in Junction City, Marty Anderson was found shot in the head execution-style. Lorna Anderson was Thomas Bird’s secretary at Faith Lutheran.

Thus, Rocky Ford Bridge became dubbed Bird Bridge by locals as paranormal activity began being reported at this location.

Other Emporia, Kansas Haunts:

Paranormal Reports:

Reports of disembodied screams and apparitions. Also, some individuals report the unexplained smell of gasoline while at the bridge.


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