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The Haunting of Bellevue Cemetery
Bellevue, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska
Chief Big Elk Gravestone
Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska Bellevue Cemetery | Bellevue, Nebraska

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About Bellevue Cemetery

Bellevue Cemetery is located on Franklin Street, about mile north of Mission Ave (Hwy 370).

The History:

This is one of the oldest cemeteries in the state of Nebraska.

In 1856, Bellevue set aside 4 city blocks as a cemetery, but the cemetery purportedly may have been used as an unofficial burial site prior to that time. For example, a there is a gravesite marked "Unknown Child" in the cemetery in Section 09 18. It was operated by a cemetery association until 1974 when the city of Bellevue took over it's operation. The earliest grave sites in the cemetery are those of Jean Allen, John Peters, and Ester Peters, all dated 1856.

Big Elk and fourteen of his braves are also buried in the cemetery. Big Elk was the last full blooded chief of the Omaha tribe and grandfather of Logan Fontanelle. (Fontanelle Forest is named after Logan Fontanelle). His gravesite was originally located on the Bellevue College lands, but his grave was moved to the Bellevue Cemetery when the college was built. Big Elk died of cholera.

There are 682 burials on record at the Bellevue Cemetery.

The Haunting:

Non-specific types of paranormal activity has been reported at this location.


The Bellevue Cemetery is located across the street from another reported haunted location; College Heights. It is within close promixity to Jewel Park, which has also been reported as haunted.

The Bellevue Cemetery is situated on a sloping hill overlooking the College Heights subdivision. There is a shrine to Chief Big Elk on the northern side of the park.


Visit the following link to see a number of photos of Bellevue Cemetery:


Stephanie Posted: 10/31/2008
Well I live in Bellevue and the idea of the cemetary being haunted has been circulating for as long as I can remember. But it's not the Native Americans, or the unknown graves, it's supposed to be the seven children that had died from some sort of illness. It is said that they dance around their graves and have been sited around late september and october.
LEE Posted: 11/02/2008
Not saying Posted: 03/23/2009
I live across from the gravyard... it's not 7 kids I can say that much
David Posted: 04/27/2009
does anybody know where the graves are of the 7 kids? i have plots there and have many friends who have died and was buried there.
Nicole Posted: 09/04/2009
I live about five minutes away from the Bellevue Cemetary, and I must admit it is pretty creepy. Around New Years afew years back my sister and I walked there at around 3:00 AM (Demonic Witching Hour) trying to if anything happened. And something did; There were two lights shining on a headstone and we seen a talk skinny shadow figure, (I don't know if it was male or female) float right past the gravestone. At that point my sister and I ran all the way home. We went back again not too long ago (around August 27th of 2009) around 10:00 PM and didn't see anything. Maybe it wasn't late enough, or maybe it was all just in our heads the night we seen the "ghost". But, if you're looking for a scare, go there at 3:00 AM.. And wait. =)
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/20/2009
I sent 4 photos, two with the cemetery at night, and two with the shrine of Chief Big Elk.
Dani Mae Posted: 12/30/2010
In high school we had a class Environmental Education and our teacher would take us to the Bellevue cemetery in the wee morning hrs and we would draw, write, meditate in the cemetery and with nature. I did not feel any negativity or see anything but I did feel peaceful there.
PACHETfounder1 Posted: 01/02/2013
I visited Bellevue Cemetery in late September at night and as myself and my sister were visiting towards Chief Big Elk's grave we actually heard what sounded like Indian drums playing...Kinda of scary but I know we were close to Jewel Park where supposedly that can heard as well but either way it was kinda of freaky

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