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The Haunting of Barnard Park
Fremont, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



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About Barnard Park

The History:

Barnard Park was used as a camp for Mormons on the Mormon Trail. It was once a cemetery as well. The city turned the cemetery into a park but did not move all of the bodies. Some of the grave site were not adequately marked and it was impossible to find some of the bodies.

A woman and her daughter were traveling on the Mormon Trail and spent the night at the camp that was located at Barnard Park. This woman's daughter apparently died at the camp.

It is worth noting that Barnard Park is located at a relatively busy intersection in Fremont. Although it was once a cemetery, it is a lovely park environment now. It seems that it would be hard to really have a personal experience at this location unless it was in the middle of the night when there was little or no traffic for miles. Also everyone in the residential housing that surrounds the park was asleep, one might be able to attribute hearing or seeing voices and people to something paranormal, but it would be impossible to control all of those variables. We aren't discounting the possibility that people have experienced paranormal events at this location, but the busy intersection and residential environment that surrounds the park would make it difficult to really study paranormal events at this location.

Paranormal Reports:

Apparitions reportedly can be seen passing through the park.

People have reported seeing a ghostly woman who is crying. There have also been reports of a ghostly man observed lying down on a park bench.


Parks are often cited as "haunted locations". this particularly park has some "sad" history associated with it. Also, improper burials often produce "hauntings", which arguably is what happened to some of the people who camped at this site. Their graves were left unmarked. Strong emotional reactions, such as those that occur when people are grieving the loss of someone they love can produce paranormal activity.


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Lauren Fischer Posted: 07/30/2008
i had an experience there. we took my ouija boars there and spoke to her. it was just the tip of the iceberg on that very creepy night. other things happened there that i dont want to ever see of experience again.
C C H Posted: 09/03/2008
I have lived across the the street from Barnard Park for the past five years and have seen some odd things in the park from time to time. The thing I have seen most is a faint misty figure moving around the west side of the park...pretty cool! But I'm more interested with whats in my house! We have some crazy stuff going on here at times...nothing really frightning so far but still very freaky....
None Posted: 09/10/2008
Going to a wedding there soon...will let you know if anything happens....
Jada Jones Posted: 09/11/2008
Goimg to a wedding there september 12 2008 cant wait i wonder witch park bench that he is laying on i want to see the girl that would be so cool i hope
Jada Jones Posted: 09/11/2008
Goimg to a wedding there september 12 2008 cant wait i wonder witch park bench that he is laying on i want to see the girl that would be so cool i hope
Posted: 10/13/2008
Have lived in Fremont all of my life, and seen shadows of someone sleeping on a park bench there at night. I don't usually like to walk past the park alone at night!
William Posted: 10/16/2008
i have lived in fremont all my life and went by the park at night and sat at the park but didnt see anything it would be cool to thou...
Dave L. Posted: 11/04/2008
My group and I are interested in coming to Fremont to do some paranormal investigations of Barnard Park and any other sites that may have paranormal activity going on. Please contact us if you have something going on and would like us to come investigate.
Izzy Valdez Posted: 02/16/2009
ok.....Is it true that she goes there every night...or halloween and looks for her daughter?? cuz ive got some wierd anwsers..
Sherri K Posted: 02/20/2009
I had and experience back in 1983. My grandparents have a home near Barnard Park. My Grandpa was deseased and my Grandma was away on vacation in FL. My older sister and I were in the house. She left to go pick up one of my friends and bring her back to house. I was in the kitchen making some brownies with my sisters dog laying on the kitchen floor next to me. The dog stood up and started growling, barking, hair standing straight up on his back. He was looking towards the dining/living room. I then heard a males voice call my name. I answered back "what?" and walked towards the living room from where I thought i heard the voice come from. No one was there. I turned around to go back into the kitchen. The dog still by my side was freaking out. When I got back into the kitchen I heard the voice again on my left hand side say my name again. The dog still freaking. I got sick to my stomach because no one was in the house but me. I turned around and walked away from the voice and went and sat down in the living room. 10 Mins later my sister and friend showed up. My sister asked what was wrong with me because I was white as a ghost and the dog was still freaking out.
cindy Cole Posted: 03/03/2009
My family and I have recently moved to Fremont. I live a few blocks away from Barnard Park. I have researched the history. One night in Jan.2009 myself and my 2 older daughters went there after midnight. Sorry no woman or man on bench, but we stayed about 5 minites and I recieved a vivid vision of a dark haired boy about 13 years of age, he looked very angry and immidiatly knew this is not in anyway a happy place and we needed to leave ASAP. Within 2 minites we were in our car heading home. The feeling I got was too intense that I took the message seriously. I had been there in hte daay time a few times, but never experianced anything so strong. I will never go back to the park again because of the impact it had on me. I believe we don't belong in Barnard Park. I feel it's very tragic and please think twice about bringing your children there to play. This is not a game.
Posted: 03/21/2009
what time does all this happen and on any special days
caitlyn bowers Posted: 05/13/2009
i have heard a lot of these storoies! and i really wanna no if its true.. but im scared that it will be and then the goasts will haunt me foreva!... i went to jada jones wedding there.. shes my best friend!.. lol 5/12/09
Kayleigh Leslie Posted: 05/13/2009
i go to da Barnyard Park all da time with a church group i help out with and i hear voices all da time and it sorta freeks me out.......LOLezzzz....But any wayz it was really late about 12 o clock on a weekend and i saw a little boy laying on da slide and he was about 10 years old and i felt so srry for him i never thought gost where real at first but once i saw hiim i started beleiving in them.... And now that i beleive in them i c gost a lot....
gypsi lady Posted: 05/26/2009
Speaking from experience you'll want to go to the park on a rainy night... if you look real close you'll see that little girl sliding down the slide. She appears to be about the age of seven or eight years old!! Good luck & happy haunting!!
Jennifer Posted: 10/01/2009
Alot of the houses around the park are suppose to be haunted as well. My husband and I have experienced some wierdness with living close to the park. Hearing things, seeing shadows, hearing children laugh or hear voices talk. Cold spots and horriable noises and nothing there. The park has an errie-ness about it when you pass by it. It does not look inviting. It's quite obvious that it once was a cemetary. Why would someone move bodies just to make a park? How awful. Knowing it will never be a happy peaceful place to visit. It's surely not inviting, no matter how many flowers or green the trees are. You go by and feel alot of dreary sadness. Alot of mixed emotions when you pass by. I dreed driving by there. It can be a nice beauitful day out, that park looks uninviting. You really never see anyone there. They should of just left things well enough alone and shouldn't of disturbed the dead. I don't want to take my children to a place where someone was buried. Thats like taking my children to Calvary cemetary off of Center Street in front of Bergan Mercy Hospital and letting them have at it. You just don't do it. What in the world was the city thinking of when they did this?? Moving those graves has stirred up alot of things in which should have been left alone. There are other places in Fremont that I don't like going around, some of them being one of the antique shops...the area where they have military attire and items is abit unsettling. The air is heavy and you want to get out of that area as fast as possiable. Alot of the old buildings downtown, some you can tell they are abandoned or empty upstairs. But you can sure feel like someone is watching you or feel someone looking right back at you when your looking up. The house that burned down with the man found upstairs off of Main Street down by Fremont meats. I was walking with my son in his stroller. I had a horriable and awful feeling walking past that property. It felt very angry and whoever or whatever was not nice. I felt like there was a man staring down at me on the debry at the time it was still there. I had no idea there was a man there that died. My husband and I just moved here almost three years ago. I dreeded walking by there knowing there was a man attached to that property who was watching those walking by. Since it's been torn down, I don't get that feeling as much when we go by there. My husband has experiened walking over by the Interiors by Joan building over by Main street only to have footsteeps follow him and no one is behind him or around him. Paranormal activities are all around us. I can't remember a house I haven't lived in where there isn't something or someone extra living there.
Posted: 10/26/2009
Im moving right next to it, soo when I do all send lots of pics!!! Its very scary at night and it def is haunted!!!
GhostHalo Posted: 10/30/2009
GhostHalo Paranormal Investigations will be in the Fremont are on a local case 11/20 thru 11/29 and would love to hit some other sites. If you have a place in mind contact and make sure you leave your email address.

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