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The Haunting of Ball Cemetery
Louisville, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



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About Ball Cemetery

The History:

The Ball Cemetery began as a family cemetery. William “Rattlesnake” Pete Liddiard is buried here. He was a U.S. Marshall who left his home in Springfield, NE to join Buffalo Bill Cody.

The Haunting:

Ghostly figures have been observed, including the apparition of a male figure that can be “violent” with visitors. This apparition is reportedly responsible for causing bruises to cemetery visitors. A female apparition is also observed at Ball Cemetery and apparently this apparition will tug on clothing. Some people have heard her laughing.

People have observed tombstones falling down and then rising back up again on their own. Some have observed orbs and ectoplasmic mists.

P.R.I.S.M. has investigated this location.


Elizabeth Posted: 09/14/2008
one has to be brave to walk in to that place in the middle of the night .. i have had a personal experince there my self .. i had the guts to get out of the car and walk in to that place in the early evining .. we actuly kept hurd a child crying
Elizabeth Posted: 09/14/2008
kept hering sorry .. i for got also we would stand still and feel someones breth on our neck
Allen Posted: 10/19/2008
I have been to Ball cemetery numerous times. I have heard wispers , had orbs/glowing fairy looking bugs mother has said she also felt breathing on her neck. Our car was actually subject to Ball too, wouldn't start then the car alarm went off.
Posted: 02/17/2009
Yea, i've been there several times and as we were driving in we saw what looked to be tons of glowing eyes. when we got there we got out of the car and it gets alot colder when you actually walk inside. i walked by myself around a bit and would hear footsteps right behind me and i took a whole bunch of pictures, you would believe one of them. it was rediculous, probably the scariest one ive seen so far from anyone thats taken pix there before. ill have to upload it. but unfortunatly cops are very thick up there and if your caught by the caretaker the cops WILL come extremely fast, and theres only one way in, one way out so BE CAREFUL!
Chance Posted: 03/09/2009
I too have been there but only once. It was on Halloween night of 2008. Me and the rest of our party were venturing through the cemetery until we came across a gravestone with a pin wheel planted in the ground that was spinning. That night, in the cemetery there was not even the slightest wind and the blade of the pinwheel would rotate and stop abnormally. When we were ready to leave we all got in the car with all the doors shut and something had ran into the back of our SUV. It wasn't extreme but it was easily noticeable to everyone in the car.
Chance Posted: 03/09/2009
If I remember right the gravestone belonged to a man named Gary and you can find around the middle path through the cemetery on the right side.
doug Posted: 03/11/2009
I went there tonight it was scary i heard foot steps and it sounded like some one had poped off a bottle cap real loud and there is mist clear down past the gates
Lookin'4Adventure Posted: 06/18/2009
So myself and some friends went out there was quite an experience. All the guys in the car saw lights and the girl in the car closed her eyes, but the next morning she woke up with bruises up and down her legs. I wouldn't go again and I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone go without permission from its owners. One way way out. Don't get caught.
NebraskaParanormal Posted: 06/21/2009
Nebraska Paranormal Society visited Ball Cemetery on June 20, 2009, with permission from the sexton. The Sheriff was also notified that we would be there, and we had a visit from a friendly deputy to ensure that we were legitimate. We stayed until approximately 11:00 PM, as was agreed with the sexton and the Sheriff. There was no breeze and, despite the rain earlier in the day, particulate matter in the air was high and there were lots of bugs and fireflies. At least one interesting photograph was captured, and EVP recordings were made that are being evaluated. No personal experiences were reported by anyone on the team. Due to recent vandalism, the Sexton and the Sheriff are being extra vigilant about visitors. If you do want to visit the cemetery, PLEASE do contact the Sexton and make arrangements for permission. She is a nice lady and easy to work with.
Posted: 06/29/2009
How would someone go about getting permission to go to the cemetary?? Some friends and I want to go but would prefer not to have any run ins with cops..
dylan Posted: 07/02/2009
Me and 3 of my buddy's went there tonight, and we started to walk around untill one of ours friends seen a light, which we found out was the caregiver/neighbor chasing us with his ford f250 with some bright ass lights. then we got away going 70 in gravil haha. only weird thing was that we heard a lady talking and then it stopped. very weird.
jess Posted: 08/02/2009
Okay, so today, my friends and I TRIED to find Ball Cemetery and failed. I have a few questions for the Nebraska Paranormal Society... 1) Where IS it? Precisely where do you turn off Cornish Road? WHICH grove of trees is it in? 2) How do you get permission? I can't find any way to contact the Sexton (of Springfield, NE?) online. What's their phone number or e-mail address? Thanks in advance.
John Ball Posted: 09/04/2009
stay away from my cemetery you lil fuckers!!!! if i catch you then ill shoot you...beware...its not even haunted so dont bother coming
John Ball Posted: 09/04/2009
stay away from my cemetery you lil fuckers!!!! if i catch you then ill shoot you...beware...its not even haunted so dont bother coming
John Ball Posted: 09/04/2009
stay away from my cemetery you lil fuckers!!!! if i catch you then ill shoot you...beware...its not even haunted so dont bother coming
Jay Jay Posted: 09/06/2009
We went to the Ball cemetery, unfortunately we could not find the place for quite some time, and it was farther away then we thought, so we made it during day light. The place is very creepy. and very hard to find!!! some ppl in the area know how the cops like to watch the place and either try to warn u or scare you away. one guy when we asked where it was located, said there was no such thing. and then another said we werent allowed even close to there etc. and one told us how to get there and we got lost by an extra 10 miles, and went back to the gas station to have someone better at listening ask for directions again. and the guy was very nice to actually drive us there!!! Which we were very happy about because the "dead end" sign had been taken down and that was the only way to know where to turn. I have almost exact directions now. You go to louisville and drive over the platt rive bridge and over a very little bridge and shortly after that you will get to Cornish road and take a left and you will go along some curves, and you have to watch or u will miss it but turn left again on road 176th st or rd. and it is a dead end and you drive and u will get to the end and it will be a little circle with 2 roads, and LOTS and LOTS of trees!!! and not the first turn in the circle but the seond one turn into there and follow the road. Deer are very bad too! it was very neat to see! we are going back on wed. in the night. hope to catch some paranormal activity! look for new pictures... there will be some of the area outside and on the way there too.
Rian Posted: 09/13/2009
I went there last night with some friends and it was super scaryy!!!! We heard about you and your friends dividing up and going into each of the corners and supposivly you start to see stuff. we had heard many stories and were gonna try it out, but we got too scared because we thought we heard a very very loud car coming so we ditched. But when we were there I swear to god i heard voices and there was this weird green light like in this tree idk what it was but i was freaked out!!!
susan in gretna. I have visited Ball twice and the first time I too seen the spinning pinwheel over to the right and there was no breeze. But the freakiest thing ever happened when me and my roommate were driving up the tree filled lanem the entrance to Posted: 10/20/2009
I have vistited the Ball Cementery for the first time last year and the freakiest thing I have ever encountered is when me and my roommate were driving up the treefield drive-way, the entrance, an Angel made from plastic crystals and feathers that was twinded arround the mirror inside the car was absolutely PULLED DOWN from the rear view mirror of the old truck and scared the shit out of me. I too seen the spinning wheel of the tractor in the cementery and there was no wind blowing and could feel someone throw an acorn in the back of my shirt and there was no other acorns arround or noone behind me. I took pictures that late afternoon and when I got home to download them off my cellphone I had to autoadjust them to brighten the background and could see several small redcrosses laying on the ground all over in front of the gate and a hue of somekind over the left area that says BALL on the gate in the upper part of the trees. I too have pics to put on the computer for you to view about the appericians that I seen that day, but I will have to figure out how to upload them!! It is definately a creepy place and the second time you visit you will not feel comfortable getting out of the car if you see anything the first time you go there!
Laura Posted: 10/29/2009
The way to get a hold of the sexton is to call the closest mortuary to the cemetery and ask who the owner(sexton) is.
Shelby L Posted: 11/06/2009
my friend had told me about the cemetary, he just said "im going to take you to this scary cemetary" so i was totally down and we went at about 1:00 am on a tuesday night. im honestly the type of person who has to see it to believe it .(i have never in my life experienced paranormal activity). so omg the drive is freaky not going to lie...i pretty much walked around the whole cemetary ( i think) but didnt really experience much except when i was towards the back of it i remember seeing a little blueish glow in the corner of my eye but didnt think anything of it...but ive been reading alot about these glowing things ... its probably just fireflies i guess ... but ya go for sure i will def be going again really late!
Shelby L Posted: 11/07/2009
i went again dont worry at all nothing is gonna happen there is not shit there its just really quiet and freaky nothing at all happens
Posted: 11/29/2009
i went to the cemetery and i heard popping noise and also saw the spinning pin weel and took a picture but then the camera died so when we left i reviewed the pictures and there are many white orbs
ThunderGums Posted: 06/13/2010
My friends and I went there and I snapped some pictures and got an orb or two. But we were there maybe 15 minutes before we thought we saw lights coming towards the cemetery so we were gonna take off. While we were there we heard this loud thumping noise in our ear. I just figured it was thunder because It was going to rain. Then we got in the truck and we heard it plain as day in our ears and my brother said it sounded like a heart beat. Then we were almost to freedom and the groundskeeper came up the hill and chased us out.
DjR3D Posted: 08/28/2010
I was at Ball Cemetery last night and we were all standing in the middle of the cemetery looking around and the gate had a chain on it and it started jangling around and the gate was swinging back and forth. It was not the wind doing it either.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/05/2010
I went to Ball Cemetery at night, and saw a couple orbs over the gate and by the gate, but didn't get to take a picture because someone was coming, and we figured it was someone who had to do with the cemetery so we left, i'm going to say.. Ball Cemetery, definitely haunted by spirits, ghosts, and apparitions. Next time i'm gonna ask to go there.
DjR3D Posted: 12/05/2010
Forget about the groundskeeper, just go and don't be a puss.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/05/2010
Rofl "puss" You'd piss your pants if you went there.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/05/2010
Just playing, but yeah to be honest its scary at night, and plus the path gets VERY narrow.
DjR3D Posted: 12/06/2010
Just in case you were wondering, i have been there about 5 times, got chased out by the crazy bastard 3 times, once on his fourwheeler and twice in his big Ford F-250.
BoDuke Posted: 08/02/2011
when you go there be sure to watch out for a brand new dodge 1/2 ton dodge pick up. thats undercover cops, they stopped me and my friends but then let us go because we werent in the cemetery and they also said theyre mainly looking for kids drinking. also recently i was told that 6 kids got trespassing tickets.
DjR3D Posted: 08/02/2011
I know the 6 kids who got trespassing tickets. I also know other kids who got stopped, but the cops were only looking for alcohol.
Family Only Posted: 10/03/2012
Please note family is only allowed up here! There are to many people who come here and do so much vandalism. This is VERY disrespectful not only to our loved one burried there but it is to us family members who like to go here to visit our loved ones. How would you like someone to destroy your grandma's headstone or leave trash all next to it??? We are craking down on non family members entering our cemetery! And I hope you all who did make it in enjoyed my grandfather's tractor pinwheel. He keeps those wheels turning day and night no matter the weather! I enjoy it myself, let's me know he is there. And we do have cops and neighbors watching the cemetery and thank you, you know who you are. Word of the wise though, if your not family "they" will know and "they" don't much care for it. Please get permisson first!
Family Only Posted: 10/03/2012
Family Only Posted: 10/03/2012
Family Only Posted: 10/03/2012
Yes our family does have neighbors and police keep close eye on our cemetery! There is way to vandalism going on over the years which is VERY disrespectful. I honestly don't know how you can do that to someone and their family. If you would like to enter please go during the DAY and get PERMISSON FIRST! And to those of you who did make it in, I hope you enjoyed my grandfather's tractor pinwheel. He spins that bad boy day and night no matter the weather! My family and I enjoy it, let's us know he is there. Word of the wise for you though. If your not family "they" will know, and "they" don't much care for that.
hannah Posted: 12/22/2012
so i was wondering like im a big believer into ghosts and things like that and haunted stuff do you think i could get permission to go in one time during the day with just one of my friends just to really check it out and thats it and would i ask the man in the corner house who watches it or should i ask the sherrif to let me in if he would say yes.?
sfranger554 Posted: 04/10/2013
how do i get a hold of the owner to see if i can come visit the cemetary?

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