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The Haunting of Atlas Theater
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/25/2011



Atlas Theater | Cheyenne, Wyoming Atlas Theater | Cheyenne, Wyoming Atlas Theater | Cheyenne, Wyoming

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About Atlas Theater


Cheyenne, Wyoming was established in 1867. The Atlas Theater building was constructed in 1887 originally as a sweets shop. It was converted in 1907 to a theater and operated as such until 1929. The theater was then briefly shut down and reopened as The Strand. The building was abandoned between the mid-1950's and 1961. From 1961 to 1963, the theater was used as a night club. But after these two years, again, it was abandoned. The Cheyenne Little Theater Players began using the building for live theatrical productions in 1966. In 1973, the Atlas Theater was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Paranormal Reports:

Reports of paranormal activity are non-descript. Sources say that there are "two spirits" haunting the Atlas Theater, but incidents of paranormal activity to substantiate these claims have not yet been reported. The Atlas Theater is in the vicinity of some underground tunnels that are said to exist in Cheyenne, running from the capitol building to the Plains Hotel, the Heyman building and the train depot. The underground tunnels, if they do indeed exist, have been host to disembodied footsteps and disembodied voices.


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