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The Haunting of Antelope Park
Lincoln, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska
Antelope Park in Lincoln, Nebraska
Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska Antelope Park | Lincoln, Nebraska

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About Antelope Park

Located between 23rd and 33rd and Sheridan Boulevard.

Antelope park includes extensive facilities, sunken gardens, Folsom Children's Zoo, 2 fountains, many statues, and playground equipment. There is a bike trail that passes along the edge of the park.

The History:

Antelope Park is the largest park in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Antelope Park Rose Garden sits on land once used to grow hay for the Parks Department work horses. During WWI, this land was converted into the rose garden.

I still have not tracked down a full history of the rest of Antelope Park, however.

The Haunting:

Sighting of human figures have been reported particularly behind the caretakers house, near the memorial.


I used to ride my bike past this park daily on the way to work. I was careful never to go near the park at night however as I felt unsafe with the wide open spaces on either side of me at night.

A friend of one of our staff committed suicide in this park. This young man was troubled and used to "drink blood at work" and had some family and home issues. He hung himself from the old swingset at the park about 20 years ago.

Personal experiences at the park include feelings of being watched as well as sightings of ghosts.



First hand personal experiences

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Sara Posted: 09/29/2008
The ghosts in Antelope park is thought to be a woman who floats through the field behind the caretakers house.
shonda Posted: 11/23/2008
I have seen the greenish glow of something like an orb or bigger than an orb in the bushes at antelope park It was scary my friends and I took off running I do believe in ghosts.
marah Posted: 12/05/2008
my cousin went there and told me that she saw a lil girl running around there. and she had some friends with her and they all started freaking out. did a lil girl die there.
Tori Posted: 02/07/2009
i snuck out one night with some friends and i live very close to antalope. so we went there. and i swear me and my boyfriend saw a woman just walking across the park. we were freaked out but we joked about it. then next thing we know she was gone. fucking scaryy...
gabriela stewart barrios c Posted: 02/09/2009
i saw a boy on the slade
gabriela Posted: 02/10/2009
onec i saw a lil girl like one of u said she was on the swing she look at me and there she was gone
shania Posted: 03/22/2009
yeah it's me and my brother and we live right across the street and we always feel like we are being watched or we hear our names being called
rebekah Posted: 04/10/2009
that is so scary i live in lincoln and i love going to old creepy places downtown. i love antelope park. i never knew it was haunted; i haven't been there since i was a little girl and i always thought it was creepy but i didn't believe in ghosts but have since age 9
Posted: 07/29/2009
my friend an i went to the park in the fall at 3 in the morning, we drove past a tricycle...and after we went to park the car we came back and the tricycle was gone...i dont think a little child OR their parent would move it at 3 in the morning. SCARY huh?
ashley Posted: 08/23/2009
once i went to antelope and the wierd thing is nothing happened
JoJo Posted: 10/13/2009
I recently went to the park. I went on the swing where the boy died. I was very scary/cool. I very much recommend going to this park. It is very large, yet very fun. I f you are a parent I wouldn't tell your child(ren) that it is haunted. If you don't they will have tons of fun.
rhonda Posted: 10/19/2009
I did not see a ghost. you are liars.
TNG Posted: 10/31/2009
I was at home in omaha nebraska all by myself because my parents went to a chirsymas party. that nite there was a knock at the door it was my sister and her best friend. we all were in the kitchen downstairs getting chips. they went into the living room. i was still in the kichen. they paniced and ran into the kitchen they saw a black figure go up the stairs. we grabbed knifes and went to look for the board of hell. we started asking questions. his name was seth. crazy because the story on tv was about a ghost named seth looked just like the ghost. we all paniced and closed my bedroom dorr and was on my bed
superGhost Posted: 12/08/2009

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