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The Haunting of Anoka Ghost Town
Anoka, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Anoka Ghost Town | Anoka, Nebraska
Anoka, Nebraska Ghost Town
Anoka Ghost Town | Anoka, Nebraska

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About Anoka Ghost Town

Located in Boyd County along State Highway (SH) 11, just below the South Dakota border about 15 miles west of where the Missouri River enters South Dakota.

The History:

During the 1880's Nebraska's population boomed as railroads were built across the prairie. A number of towns were established along the railroad, often spaced between 6 and 10 miles apart so that citizens could make it into town and back home via farm wagon within one day. During he past 100 years, many of these towns have disappeared, or significantly diminished in population.

The Oregon Trail once followed the Platte River across the state, which meant that a variety of military posts, stagecoach stops, and the Pony Express Stations also were scattered along this route.

In 1910, Anoka had a population of about 145 residents. By 1990, the population had diminished to 10.

The Haunting:

This is a ghost town, however specific paranormal events have not been recorded as yet for this location. Because this location was once the site of a community of people, we have flagged it as site worthy of exploration.




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