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The Haunting of Alpha School
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Alpha School | Omaha, Nebraska Alpha School | Omaha, Nebraska Alpha School | Omaha, Nebraska Alpha School | Omaha, Nebraska

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About Alpha School

Located next to Grace University on 1615 S. 6th in Omaha, Nebraska.

The History:

Alpha School is a community based school designed to meet the needs of troubled youth. We have not been able to locate the history of the Alpha School building yet.

The Haunting:

Reports of strange sounds, including creaking and disembodied footsteps, as well as doors closing.


Schools are frequently reported as haunted locations. This particular school building may have been used as another type of institution perhaps before being utilized as a school building.


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Turner Posted: 07/17/2008
This used to be an elementary school k-6. I attended this school all six years and grew up just down the street.
Brigitte Posted: 10/18/2008
I also went to this school for preschool.It was called "Train" Elementary in the 1970's.
Aaron( Spirit Walker Ryuu) Posted: 10/22/2008
Just curious how often do the paranormal events happen there does anyone know. This is one of high priority ghost hunting places right now. I am thinking of volunteering there for a brief amount of time so that I can closely invesigate. things are supposed to happen every night here according to
On an unrelated note I discovered a Haunted church in Lousiville, Kentucky. It was called Harvey Browne. Me along with other members of my church. In the course of four days there were supernatural events that were witnessed three of the nights. Me and a friend came into contact with first hand and actually spoke to them(ummm scared the crap out of us to say the least). we confirmed that there were 3 spirits residing in the church, a midaged lady, a man and little girl. this haunted place is actually posted on hauntings index for kentucky. Only I believe its listed as Harvey Browny last time I check. I kinda made a typo when I was trying to email the webmaster about the haunting.
zhaniswolf Posted: 01/30/2009
Spirit Walker Ryuu??? Like dragon? lol... Spirit Walker... Then why were you scared to chat with the paranormal? I'm usually not, especially if they're just people.

Anyway, I am currently going to Grace University, and am now curious about the Alpha School lol. However, Grace itself is haunted enough to keep me on my toes.

Time to do my own investigation... sigh...
Teach Posted: 06/30/2009
I used to work at this school and were there many nights with students who were serving detention. I didn't see of hear anything out of the normal but did hear lots of creaking throughout the halls. (Could be from the wooden floors under the carpet.) From what I was told, it is the oldest elementary school in Omaha and at one time used to be a psyc hospital. Hope this helps.
Drea90 Posted: 07/21/2009
My mom and uncle use to go to this school.. and my grandparents live just three houses away! Now that I know its "haunted" I shall tell my mother..she'll be psyced!
Alpha dragons Posted: 08/29/2009
In the 80's I was a hell raising teenager, and ended up going to this school or should I say teenage prison. This school was very intimidating to go to. When you arrived in the morning you walked over a drawbridge once you were inside the doors were locked behind you so you could not leave or ditch class. There was also 2 security gaurds that watched your every move. Most of the students there were from the north Omaha projects and a collection of south Omaha hell raisers. There were fights almost every day. The security gaurds would break up the fights and sometimes the staff would end up beating the shit out of some poor bastard before the cops arrived and took them to jail. The logo for the school was a dragon and it was fitting because if there is ever a school in hell I'm sure it would have resembled that one. I never saw any sign of hauntings, it just seemed like a heavy feeling hung over that school for some reason.I'm not sure, it could have just been all the bad vibes there.
Posted: 10/23/2009
M names is Aaron Athay and igo to alpha im on level 4. And last school year my class was studying the map we heerd a door creeck and our map flue up by its self. And yes i was scared and i wanted to leave but our teacher said we couldnt leave.
debbie nuno Posted: 10/26/2010
I went to the school for kindergarten , as did many in the area. It was called train school and my teacher was mrs sheppard. The school was open for along time then was turned into Alpha school. I remember going in there a few years ago and the place has a real creepy feeling.
Ghost Buster Posted: 10/28/2010
I have worked at Alpha School for the past 24 years. I have been in the building at all hours by myself and with others. I have never encountered anything paranormal. I don't know where people come up with this stuff. Maybe they are bored or just need a little attention. It has never been an institution or a prison for kids. The dragon is still the school mascot. Not because it's what you would find in hell. The dragon was chosen as the mascot because it represents change and transformation. Thats what the staff at Alpha School attempt to do each day. Help students transform or change their negative ways of doing things to methods that are appropriate in the public school setting. The building was an operating Omaha Public School until 1983 with 916 students attending daily. There was an article done about the building in the Omaha World Herald in the early 90's when developers were looking to turn the building into studio apartments much like several of the older building in the downtown area. Alpha School opened there in 1986. I joined the staff in 1987. There is no drawbridge and the doors are not locked. I don't know who this guy is that goes by Alpha Dragon but he is full of it. No wonder he ended up at Alpha. Obviously he didn't complete the program or he would have gained a much better understanding of our methods and goals for all Alpha students. If your looking for haunted places you have come to the wrong place. Your time may be much better spent reading a good book or spending time with family and friends. Just thought I would set the record straight. Have a great day.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/04/2010
The picture I took of Alpha School is the back of the school.
EConboy1976 Posted: 11/01/2012
My Name is Eddie and I too attended Alpha School back in the late 80's and I can say this much.. it was a old creepy school building. I can remember playing dodgeball and attending Alpha School T shirt day (movie day) in the small gym in the basement.. creepy.. Never heard noises or seen ghosts. As far as the "draw bridge" goes.. it was actually a causewalk at the back of the building located by the parking lot/playground.. It was covered by chain link fencing. I do remember students referring to the school as a "prison".. I too said so myself..but looking back now it was not a prison. the staff and program was there to give troubled kids the tools to be successful in public schools.. thats besides the point.. it was creepy but not haunted

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